June 2018 Forecast

//June 2018 Forecast

June 2018 Forecast

Lunar Month

The first half of June is the lunar month of Adhika Jyeshtha. The energy of the lunar mansion Krittika will be dominant during this time, so let’s examine this lunar mansion in more detail. Krittika is associated with Skanda, the Hindu God of War, and indicates the initiation of solar energy in the year. The energy of this nakshatra (lunar mansion) is good for overcoming obstacles, beginning new tasks, and education for the sake of some work at hand. It is a tense nakshatra, so it can be stressful for many people to handle, but this stress can be put into positive energy by focused work. This is a time to pick a task and do it, choose a course and follow it, not a time to second-guess yourself or overthink a decision.  The second-half of June is the lunar month of Nija Jyeshta (beginning on the 13th of June). This month carries the energy of Mrigashara, a constellation ruled by the planet Mars but which surprisingly doesn’t have the martial connotations of the previous nakshatra. Mrigashara indicates the passionate side of Mars, a fact indicated by the bulk of the constellation occupying the passionate sign of Taurus. This is a good constellation for relationships, especially for dating or courtships, since the sign is mythologically connected to the Hindu god Brahma’s attempts at the same.

Important Observations

The month begins with a retrograde Jupiter and Saturn, and by the end of the month, Mars will also enter into retrograde (seemingly backward movement). The retrograde Jupiter in Libra challenges people’s principals, especially their concept of “fair” and “unfair”, evolving our sense of these terms. You may end up in an uncomfortable situation with a superior or authority in your life that challenges your principles, forcing you to either abandon them and take an easy way out or to stick to them and risk upsetting someone important. Retrograde Saturn is always difficult on the health of the elderly and tends to be quite stressful for most. This isn’t an ideal time for new business ventures since Jupiter is needed to secure finances and Saturn is needed to ensure survivability of the endeavor. By the end of the month Mars will be retrograde, which can indicate misdirected energy and attention. The remedy to these situations is this: to balance out Jupiter, rely on other authorities in your life for their opinions on the matter, to balance out Saturn avoid high-risk situations or starting any plans meant to survive long-term, and to balance out Mars don’t jump headlong into new endeavors, but instead write the idea down and see if it still makes sense after a few days have passed.


There is a lot of energy in your chart this month, all in signs that have the quality of activity and motion, meaning this is a great time to make changes in your life. These changes can affect career, relationships, and where you live, and will actually be prevalent energies for the next few months (not just June). Retrograde Jupiter in the 7th is difficult for relationships and you should be wary of any new business partners, especially working with someone you look up to, accepting a new job simply because you like someone. Take time to examine the new situation and make sure it’s really what you need. A long-distance relationship is possible, but in general personal relationships are strained by this, Jupiter being too far-sighted and lofty to worry about mundane affairs such as love-life.

Your personal integrity will be challenged by a retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, but mostly you should be careful not to accept a work situation that is beneath your qualifications or spend your money on inappropriate things. If you are on the spiritual path, the combination of retrograde Saturn and retrograde Jupiter can threaten your stability with your daily practice and challenge your principles, so be careful in your thoughts and deeds and be attentive to daily practice.

At the beginning of the month there is a lot of attention in your chart to your physical health and nutrition, so take advantage of this energy and use it to refine your health. On a more esoteric level, this same combination can help you reconnect with the divine through the regular worship of your personal deity.  On the 8th, Venus will leave Gemini and enter into Cancer, which can cause some emotional hardship due to love interests (heartbreak) or just stress you out due to vehicle problems. For love problems, the presence of Rahu/Ketu indicates the situation is out of your hands, so you have to let it be. Likewise, for vehicular issues it will likely be a mechanical problem that was out of your control, so save up some money just in case.

The following day, the 9th, Mercury moves into Gemini, where it has a lot of power. Its influence on the 9th house can result in new education opportunities, but you will have to develop some new skills and may have to do some work for the institution involved. This is a good time for continuing education as well, or for taking an important test or exam. On the 15th, the Sun leaves Taurus and enters into Gemini, where it joins Mercury, further strengthening the combination for learning new skills, education, etc. It is also a good time for business contracts and negotiations.


The month begins with the Sun and Mercury passing through Taurus. This is a good combination for personal growth and self-discovery, and can be a great time to travel for education or to visit a spiritual teacher. Mercury’s aspect helps confer the positive aspects of this combination, since the Sun here alone can cause some issues. This is also a good time to make improvements to your house or office. The ascendant lord Venus is in Gemini, where it supports the ascendant to give good health, and will likely result in you spending extra time with family as well.  When both Venus and the Sun’s placements are considered, this is a good time for working on health, nutrition, and fitness.

Mars will be exalted in the 9th house with Ketu for the next few months.  Mars is a difficult planet for Taurus ascendants, and even though the exaltation gives some better results than usual, this is still a stressful situation. It tests your principles and values, your religious beliefs, and causes a good deal of stress. It can also negatively influence your father’s health. What I do like about Mars this month is that it casts a strong aspect on your ascendant, Mercury, and Sun, which can give you access to a tremendous amount of energy. This energy is probably best spent taking care of your health, since when you feel better you think better, and when you think better you make better decisions.

The opposition of Venus and Saturn this month (for the first half at least) is problematic for relationships and can be particularly stressful for Taurus ascendants, which to me again emphasizes the need for exercise and proper nutrition. There is a risk to the father’s health here as well, something we also saw with Mars and Ketu in the 9th.  On the 8th, Venus will move into Cancer, placing it in opposition to Mars. If you didn’t take care of your health in the previous weeks, or months for that matter, then this is going to be a problematic time for your health. If, on the other hand, you did take care of yourself, then this aspect won’t be as stressful and you may even be able to benefit from it. It does bode better for your father though, as the medical aspect of Venus on Mars can indicate relief through seeking medical help.

On the 15th, the Sun will leave Taurus to enter into Gemini, where it joins a strong Mercury. This combination can improve finances, help you acquire a new home or office, and also supports the family.  Gemini is an important sign for family and wealth, so the strength of Mercury and the Sun here necessarily supports both of these areas of life.


The month begins with a difficult combination, the ascendant lord Mercury being in Taurus while the lord of Taurus in the ascendant. Taurus and Gemini don’t have a good relationship with one another, and their association can cause debt and expenditures, though on a positive note some of these expenditures could be on travel to see a spiritual teacher or personal guide.  On the 9th, Mercury will move into Gemini, bringing a lot of positive energy into your life. The aspects of Jupiter and Saturn on Gemini make this a good time for a personal retreat or getaway, taking care of your health and state of mind. Use this time to take care of and nourish yourself instead of others.

Venus moves into Cancer on the 8th, just before Mercury moves into Gemini. This can cause a problem with family, due to the tension created here in the 2nd house (Cancer) by the malefic planets Mars, Rahu, and Ketu. There can also be health issues related to the reproductive system. Some large expenses could be indicated due to vehicle problems.

The exalted Mars in the 8th house of Capricorn can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it adds a lot of energy to a sign associated with health that can allow you to get control of your health through diet, exercises, etc. On the other hand, a strong malefic planet in the 8th can cause health complications in the blood as well as infections, especially if you don’t put its energy to good use. A Gemini who is living a sedentary life with a bad diet can almost guarantee some serious health issues over the next few months. A Gemini that uses the exalted Mars to join the gym or do some outdoor activities, eating well also, will see their health increase. In this regards, you need to take advantage of the powerful Mercury this month, since it adds a lot of energy to the body that can allow you to easily make important lifestyle changes.

The aspect of Jupiter on the ascendant is important because it can tie together the other energies in the chart for a higher and nobler purpose than simple worldly satisfaction. For example, Mercury in the 12th at the beginning of the month can cause lots of expenses and even gambling, but the aspect of Jupiter directs this expenditure towards higher purposes like education or seeing a spiritual mentor. Likewise, the aspect of Saturn on Gemini this month can be stressful and isolating, but the aspect of Jupiter can turn this isolation int discipline and spiritual retreat for the sake of self-development. The retrograde of Jupiter bothers me, as it does for every sign this month because retrograde planets don’t HAVE to help out, they can just sit quietly on the sideline. Jupiter doesn’t HAVE to direct these otherwise difficult energies into positive outcomes. That is up to you and your personal principles and drives.


The shadow planets Rahu and Ketu have directed a lot of energy into your body and health, making this a good time to refine those areas of your life. The exalted Mars in Capricorn lends a tremendous amount of energy to several areas of the chart, opening up new business opportunities, inspiring creativity, and improving relationships. A professional situation can improve drastically due to the strong influence this Mars has on your career.

Mercury and the Sun can open up new avenues of income, since the Sun’s presence in Taurus creates what’s called a “Dhana Yoga” or “wealth combination” in your chart. Mercury possibly indicates this as being related to sales work, commissions, or education.  On the 9th, Mercury will leave Taurus and gain a lot of strength as it moves into Gemini, a great place for investments, but also for travel related to education. The Sun will join Mercury on the 15th, after which Mercury will give its results more readily. The Sun in Gemini is good for educational endeavors and training, though it can indicate a loss of income due to family or expenses/investments.

Venus is in Gemini at the beginning of the month, being afflicted by an opposition to Saturn. This can cause vehicle problems or health issues, such health issues generally being related to the reproductive system (this will depend on how well Venus is placed in your own natal chart). In the least, it can cause some higher expenditures than normal, and the source of these expenditures is likely from a vehicle, but could also be due to your home. On the 8th, Venus will enter into Cancer, where it should then begin to improve finances, though it can cause some stress in your household.  When combined with Mercury in Gemini, you may have to spend some money to make some over the next month (even into July).

The retrograde Jupiter in Libra means things may be stressed in your house, either literally (wood buckling, ceiling issues, etc), or personally (roommate problems, etc). Despite this, the aspect Jupiter casts on Venus can make you quite happy, especially once Venus moves into the ascendant, even if some areas of life are being more stressful than normal. This is because of the nature of Jupiter in Libra for a Cancer ascendant. As lord of Pisces in Libra it causes happiness, but as lord of Sagittarius in Libra it causes stress.


Some very active parts of your chart are being energized this month, so you should keep yourself engaged in regular activity, avoiding the couch and the t.v as much as possible. The ascendant lord (The Sun) is in Taurus, which makes work a priority. You can take some extra days or accept some job that is above your pay grade, and the result may be a promotion or new position. Due to the nature of the Sun, this is a good time to really consider your career and where you want to take it. If you decide to stay where you’re at, then figure out how to make the most out of it, and if you decide to move to another field or position then wait until after the 8th, when Venus enters into Cancer. Either way, it might be a good idea to use some vacation time later in the month to support Venus in Cancer and free up some energy in your chart. Mercury is also in Taurus alongside the Sun, and when it moves into Gemini on the 9th it can lead to a pay raise or some alternative sources of income, encouraging you to work on some side jobs or set up some other sources of income. On the 15th, the Sun will enter Gemini and join Mercury, where it can support your finances, though you should be careful with your health due to its aspect on some signs that can cause sickness and disease.

Venus begins the month in Gemini, which is generally alright for income, but Saturn’s aspect may simply tease you with an opportunity that ends up being a dead-end. Because of the nature of Saturn, this aspect on Venus can lead to some health concerns, but also relationship problems. A female partner may suffer from some health complications. On the 8th, Venus moves into Cancer, which is good for Leos looking for a new job, but can cause some problems at a stable job you intend to stay at. This combination puts Venus in opposition to a very strong Mars, which can flare up the passions and appetites, resulting in indulgences that are in conflict with your morals and principles. For those more spiritually inclined, this can be a good time for a short spiritual retreat, to seclude yourself from those appetites and not feed them.  There could also be vehicle problems during this time, and Leos in a relationship should take care to be loving and compassionate in their relationships since tensions could flare up from this combo.

Retrograde Jupiter can cause travel, but it can also lead to conflicts with co-workers, employees, and friends. This is a good time to work on developing a structure to your day, re-evaluating your goals in life, and making plans for the future.  In particular, ask yourself three questions (since these are the three areas Jupiter affects): 1) Are these the friends I want?, 2) Is this the relationship I want?, and 3) Is this the financial life I want? Jupiter in Libra wants you to restore balance to these three areas of your life (friends, lovers, and finances). Maybe there are some friendships that should be worked on more, maybe there are some that should be cut away. Maybe your current relationship needs to make the next big step forward, or maybe this isn’t the person you really want to spend the rest of your life with. Maybe you’d be happy with less money and more personal time, or maybe you want to upgrade your financial situation.


Your chart is a little stressed this month, mainly because there is a lot happening in several different areas of life. There is a lot of energy supporting education right now, with an exalted Mars aspecting the Sun and Mercury. The exalted Mars is in Capricorn, a sign associated with all kinds of education and self-development. Mars is a high-energy, high-intensity planet to have here, so likewise your education may follow suit and move at an unusually fast and stressful pace. The association of the shadow planet Ketu here alongside Mars adds to some of the stress. Why seek this education and put up with the stress? Mars and Ketu both aspect the 9th house (Taurus) and the Sun and Mercury placed therein. Taurus is a sign that governs all forms of higher education, and the Sun and Mercury here open up new opportunities for higher education and associated job opportunities, so the extra stress and study indicated by Mars will pay off in the form of a higher education and a better job.

Jupiter is currently moving retrograde (backward) through Libra. This can have implications for both your family life and your finances. Since Libra is an important sign for your immediate family, Jupiter can have you traveling to spend time with them, or them coming to spend time with you. Such time can have a healing effect due to the balancing nature of Libra. For finances, the main focus is on maturing your understanding of wealth and how to manage your own finances. You may have to do some volunteer work or intern for an employer without much pay, but the result is an improvement in your career situation.

At the beginning of the month, you have an interesting opposition between Venus and Saturn in the night sky. On a mundane level this causes vehicle problems, but on a personal level you have to watch out and be on guard against your lower desires and appetites since Saturn can pervert some of your lifestyle choices and turn them into something toxic. Especially avoid living with toxic people or spending too much time around them. On the 8th, Venus will leave Gemini (and hence leave this opposition) where it will now be in opposition to a strong Mars while it itself resides in Cancer. This can exaggerate the passions and appetites while also putting a lot of emphasis on education and finances, and the result of this combination is likely to be a heavy workload, the stress of which you will try to handle with bad habits and indulgences. Self-control is important here since Venus and Mars are both important planets for your health. Take advantage of Saturn’s influence in Sagittarius to simply your living situation and lifestyle, preferring a simple life with self-control instead of stress-induced indulgences that will only make you more stressed and less healthy (cigarettes, alcohol, food, too much sex, etc).


Jupiter and Venus are probably two of the most important transits for you this month, so let’s take a look at them. Jupiter is moving retrograde through Libra all month long. Jupiter in Sanskrit means “guru” or teacher, so what is it trying to teach you? It wants to teach you that you’re not always the most important thing in your life. Jupiter is a planet of expansion, and its presence in Libra means there is something out of balance about the way you perceive yourself, the way you think about yourself in relation to the rest of the word. From here it aspects two important signs; Aquarius and Gemini, both of which are very important for developing your personal principles and worldview. Jupiter wants you to expand your sense of self to the world around you, and learn to connect with that world in a selfless and compassionate way. This can happen in a number of ways, but it always involves a dynamic shift of awareness when something comes into your life that makes you realize you really, really care about something/someone more than yourself, or at least equal to yourself. This could be a new child, a new idea or plan for your life, a new job, or a new relationship.

Venus is transiting in Gemini until the 8th and is aspected by the Jupiter in Libra. This is an important aspect because these are both important planets of the “self”. Jupiter is the “self” in a large sense (your life goals, purpose, etc) while Venus is the self you see reflected in the mirrors, with all the psychological associations that may have. The aspect between these two planets can be a powerful time to make these two “selfs” work together, Jupiter ennobling and lifting your personal sense of self to something higher and more profound, while Venus keeps Jupiter grounded. On a more mundane level, Venus can cause some serious car issues here! Saturn has a strong aspect on it from Sagittarius, which can cause obstructions, while Venus itself aspects the 6th and 12th houses, both difficult signs that can cause injury or expenditures. The refuge is in the form of Jupiter, meaning devotion and spiritual practice, which can offset some of these negative effects.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn for a few months, forming a strong raja yoga (power combination) that adds a lot of energy to several areas of the chart. The first area is where Mars actually is, which governs your home and happiness. Mars and Ketu can be stressful here, making you uncomfortable where you live, or possibly also causing some stress with your mother. The other areas are relationships and career. For relationships, this is a great combination because it energizes Aries so strongly, which is an important sign for your love life. Mars also gives you more passion and drive, and this will have a beneficial effect on your relationship with a significant other. For career, Mars will make you busier than normal, improving finances and giving you more work to do. Take advantage of this energy to accomplish your work goals, and don’t waste any of the time Mars is in Capricorn this year (until the beginning of November)!



The ascendant lord Mars is strong in Capricorn, making this a great time for self-development, fitness, and learning new skills. The association of Ketu can make you seem distant or pull away from others, but the result is a strong Rahu in the 9th house of Cancer, which (when boosted by Mars) can lead to new spiritual experiences and personal growth. It strongly aspects Taurus, adding energy to your relationship life, and aspects Leo where it gives you more work this month than usual (going to a busy month). Importantly, it also aspect Scorpio itself where it will nourish and revitalize your body and health.

The sign of Taurus rules relationships for Scorpio, and it is a very strong sign this month. This means that your personal relationships are going to be important this month, and this can be either professional relationships or intimate ones. The Sun and Mercury here give clarity in this area of life, while Mars gives a lot of passion and emotional connection. Since Taurus can also influence work and business, when considered from this perspective it confirms that you will be working a good bit this month but also making more money than usual.

Venus is in a difficult spot in Gemini, aspected strongly by Saturn. This can lead to a stressful situation with a significant other, though the stress is more due to obstacles outside the relationship than it is the relationship itself (Saturn being obstacles, while the Mars aspects mentioned above give strength to the personal relationship). Materially, this can also be a bad combination for vehicles, but when combined with Jupiter in Libra it can simply mean that you will have to get a new vehicle (this has been an active transit for a few weeks now). This ends on the 8th when Venus enters into Cancer. Once in Cancer, it is aspected strongly by the exalted Mars, opening the heart to new experiences and giving a lot of joy. This should also increase devotional practices and create a new passion for the spiritual path.

On the 9th, Mercury will enter into Gemini. Due to its position and strength in Gemini, it will have a strong positive influence on several areas of your life. It is a great time for studying philosophy and esoteric teachings since Gemini has a special relation to the occult and the unseen for Scorpio ascendants. Due to its strong influence on Sagittarius from where it sits in Gemini, you may also end up spending time with family (especially once the Sun joins Mercury after the 15th). Income will improve as well, and you may spend extra time with children or employees.

Jupiter is retrograde in the 12th this month, as it was last month and will continue to be for some time. This can cause a good bit of travel, with expenditures related to the same. Since Jupiter is a social planet that is also connected with family, these travels will be for either friends or family. It has a strong aspect on the 4th house of Aquarius, so you may move to a new residence or spend a good deal of money on your current residence as a result.



“Family” is the keyword of the next few months as an exalted, but malefic, Mars sits in Capricorn. There are substantial expenditures caused by this placement when joined by the shadow planet Ketu, a malefic planet that tends to obstruct whatever area of life it is influencing.  Combine this with the retrograde Jupiter in Libra, and finances are definitely going to be tight for a while. Depending how your natal chart is arranged, the cause of these expenses could be family itself. Due to the amount of stress this combination places on the 2nd house (a sign that influences digestion and health), you will need to take good care of yourself and your diet needs to be nourishing, or you will begin to suffer some health issues, especially things like ulcers in the intestines or stomach. On a positive note, the strength of Mars in Capricorn can do some good by making you strengthen the areas of your life that are under strain.

The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter, which throughout the month of June will be moving retrograde in Libra. This makes money situations difficult with little that can really be done about it, but what is Jupiter actually trying to accomplish here? It wants you to examine your sense of responsibility regarding finances. It is trying to mature your relationship towards money so that you can learn how to budget, save, and invest your money properly. Libra is all about balance and budgeting, and Jupiter (the planet of finances) wants you to use this to your advantage, no matter how stressful it may be. In fact, the retrograde motion means this is probably the LAST thing you want to do, but it is important!!

The Sun and Mercury start the month in Taurus, indicating some of the stress or concern for the family may be directed towards your father. Mercury in Taurus will have you working hard at your job, probably taking extra hours to help balance your checkbook (see Jupiter above) and take care of financial woes (caused by Mars). On the 9th, Mercury will leave Taurus (which should be quite a relief in terms of workload) and move into Gemini, where it helps rebalance relationship dynamics both personally and at work, and can open up some job opportunities as well, maybe even give a raise after the 15th. On the 15th, the Sun will join Mercury (which helps support a raise) which should help reduce stress levels and also help your father or whatever family dynamic was causing so much trouble. The whole combination of Mercury and the Sun should help improve your financial situation for a little while as well.



“Energy” is the keyword for Capricorn. There is a tremendous amount of energy in the sky for Capricorns right now, and there are good and bad sides to this. The good side is that the exalted Mars in your ascendant can give you a tremendous amount of drive and passion, giving you the energy needed to accomplish a lot of your personal, professional, and financial goals. At the beginning of the month, this Mars is additionally supported by the Sun and Mercury, which can help bring together some of the tangible requirements for your ideas and ambitions, such as important business partners, new employees, etc. Now the difficult side of this combination is that it is stress inducing and afflicts your physical health. Another thing you will have to watch out for are the bad side effects of a retrograde Saturn and retrograde Jupiter. The Saturn can cause unnecessary expenditures and losses that could have been avoided. The Jupiter can give you some misguided principles, or involve you with a boss or superior who is misguided or intentionally misleading. Pace yourself and don’t get too excitable over every little opportunity and all should be well.

Mercury and the Sun begin the month in Taurus, where they give some additional support to your chart in the form of education. If you have children they may come to help you with some work, and if you have employees working for you then this is a good time to hire someone new (if you’re looking). On the 9th, Mercury will move into the 6th house, indicating service towards your father or a superior. This is a good time for contracts and negotiations. On the 15th, the Sun will leave Taurus and join Mercury in Gemini, which further supports working for your father or doing a great deal of volunteer work for the sake of a larger purpose or goal.

Venus begins the month in Gemini, which can be stressful for relationships and also cause vehicle problems. On the 8th, Venus will enter into Cancer, which repairs both situations (relationships and vehicle). This placement of Venus in Cancer also helps facilitate new business partnerships, including working alongside your significant other. You still have to be wary, due to the combinations mentioned above with Saturn and Jupiter, so just make sure to do your homework on anyone you are thinking of working with.

The shadow planets Ketu and Rahu are in the ascendant and 7th house, which makes this a great time for kicking out a lot of work, but it can be difficult on the body. Take care of yourself by eating right and taking some small vacations, which will actually let you work more in the long run.



Saturn is retrograde this month, something that can put a halt to improving finances. This doesn’t mean that you will lose money necessarily, but it does make you unlikely to get a raise for the next few months, and can increase expenditures as well. Similarly, the advancement that Jupiter had been promising may be put on hold for a while as well, since Jupiter is moving retrograde as well. The improved financial situation that Jupiter brought you over the last few months should be fine, but don’t expect it to improve until Jupiter leaves its retrograde later in the year.

Mercury and the Sun begin the month in Taurus, where they form a number of raja yogas (powerful combinations) that support personal growth and development. There may also be some changes in your office or at the workplace, regardless whether these changes affect you directly. On the 9th, Mercury will move into Gemini, where it gains a lot of beneficial power and is likely to open up a new opportunity for education. On the 15th the Sun enters into Gemini to join Mercury, again creating a lot of power due to this strong combination of planets in an important sign. This is good for relationships, education, and health.

Venus begins the month in Gemini, where it gives strong results similar to those described above about Mercury in Gemini, opening up educational opportunities. Venus is in a trine with Jupiter, indicating a balance of desire and ethics, but with Jupiter being retrograde you still have to be wary of losing your principles for the sake of momentary indulgences. On the 8th, Venus moves into Cancer, a more troublesome spot indicating labor and service. You may have to do some unwanted housework, or volunteer to help a superior for a while. Either way, it’s a bit of a stressful situation for Venus, so expect to be a little uncomfortable for a few weeks. There could be conflict in your house.



This can be a difficult month for your health as the ascendant lord Jupiter moves backward into Libra, a zodiac sign it would rather not be in, which can cause illnesses to arise in the Liver and Pancreas, or afflict the maternal grandmother with similar health issues. Your career or job can also be afflicted by this transit due to losing a boss or having a communication issue with a superior. A ready remedy for the work situation is to have compassion and understanding, which comes in the form of a nice aspect from Venus on Jupiter. For health, you may need to seek some medical treatment (also due to Venus’ aspect indicating relief from medicine).

Retrograde Saturn will challenge your principles and ethics, putting you in situations where it is easy to choose the ethically wrong decision. This is a longer transit and will continue for some months, taking different shapes throughout those months. For now, the main test is in your relationships due to the opposition caused by Venus, meaning you may have to choose between a relationship or doing what is right. On a more mundane level, this same opposition of Venus and Saturn can cause vehicle problems and expenditures.

Mars is exalted throughout the month, which can drastically improve finances, but it goes retrograde (backward) at the end of the month, likely making your finances do the same, so save up for now while you can. Mars will be retrograde until August, so be fiscally responsible and also be careful in any real-estate transactions.

The month begins with Mercury and the Sun both in Taurus, where they can cause some problems with siblings or co-workers, or you may end up having to do some extra work for them. Neither of these two planets is happy in Taurus, but things look better in the 2nd week of June when both the Sun and Mercury move into Gemini. Mercury moves here on the 9th, where it is good for new office contracts, job negotiations, closing on a house, and for students this is a good time for tests and exams as well. On the 15th, the Sun will join Mercury in Gemini, which can make you have to do a lot of work on your house or office. The Sun and Mercury together like this in Gemini is excellent for all educational endeavors and government contracts.

Venus is difficult for relationships this month. For the first week of June it is in Gemini afflicted by the retrograde Saturn mentioned above, and then on the 8th it enters into the sign Cancer, where it is afflicted by the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu, causing further stress in the relationship. Controlling your passions and being compassionate and patient is the best way to remedy some of the problems with Venus this month. Guard yourself against any kind of infidelity, since opportunities for such may arise due to the strong Mars/Venus opposition after the 8th.


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