Happy New Year! January 2018 Forecast

//Happy New Year! January 2018 Forecast

Happy New Year! January 2018 Forecast

Before we jump straight into the horoscopes for this month, let’s take a moment to examine the current playing field that 2018 now finds us in astrologically.  In the last few months of 2017 we saw the lunar nodes (Rahu and Ketu) move into a position that does some serious work on the darker and hidden sides of our life. The lunar mansion involved in this combination is called Ashlesha, located at the end of the watery sign of Cancer. Ashlesha deals with deep traumas, suppressed emotions, illegal activities, and pretty much anything that is “hidden” from the broad daylight of day-to-day life. It is no coincidence that almost immediately after this lunar mansion became active the media was flooded with allegations of sexual assault, rape, and abuse, allegations which have leveled some high and powerful people in various industries and parts of society. This is a perfect example of how Ashlesha works. It churns the depths of our lives and makes deep, buried things rise to the surface and see the light of day. The Buddha is recorded as having said “two things do not long remain hidden; the Moon, and the Truth”, and this statement beautifully depicts the way this lunar mansion operates. We still have quite some time left to deal with the energies of Ashlesha since Rahu won’t finally leave this lunar mansion until the end of May. In the meantime, the best way to use this energy in your life is to develop honesty with those close to you. If you are hiding a deep trauma or once told a simple lie that has developed into something out of control now, this is the time to really expose these issues and work through them in a healthy way.  On a broader scale, we should expect to see more corruption being exposed in government and positions of power in various industries.

To accompany the energy of Rahu in Ashlesha we have Saturn in a constellation called Mula (meaning “the root”) at the beginning of Sagittarius. The combination of Mula and Ashlesha energies prevailing in the sky is unusually fitting since both constellations deal with our inner, hidden self, though Mula does this a little differently than Ashlesha. While Ashlesha will pull to the surface deep and hidden issues, Mula is about figuring out who we are at our core, at our “root”. The deep work that Ashlesha does actually facilitates and promotes the work that Mula does, since its hard to work on ourselves when we are hiding too many injuries and secrets deep inside. The end result of this combination is some serious self-work at all levels; as an individual, as a state, as a country, and as a common people. This is a serious opportunity for transformation and growth. Bearing these things in mind, let’s take a look at what the month has in store for everyone!


**These horoscopes are an analysis of the rising sign, or Ascendant, of a person, but they can be read from the Sun and Moon signs as well**


These next few months are an important time for emotional work. There will be changes in your home environment that may seem bitter at first, but they are the result of underlying issues that have been developing for years. Rahu in the fourth house will bring this issues to the surface and force you to rethink how you pursue happiness and what you need for happiness in your life. It can also cause changes in education and career choice. Jupiter and Mars will likely cause relationship problems as they transit through Libra, but they will also give a lot of energy for career and education, and you will find it easier to make changes and actually get up and start something. Jupiter is the planet of education, and combined with the ascendant lord Mars this is an excellent opportunity to take up a new education, but also good for new business endeavors. Jupiter is also the lord of the 12th house for Aries, and the Jupiter/Mars combo in the airy sign Libra can indicate long trips by plane. Mercury in the 8th combines well with the Rahu and Saturn energies mentioned in the introduction since it makes a person think about the hidden and secret parts of their life psychologically.  In a more mundane sense, it results in travel due to deaths, secret business contracts, and occult practice or study.

Aries has a loaded 9th house with Venus, Saturn, and the Sun all placed in Sagittarius, and then on the 4th of January Mercury will join this group as well, giving four planets energizing the 9th house of higher education, religion, and spirituality. This will result in lots of self-work, spiritual study, and academic study. Many raja yogas are created by this combination, so this is an ideal time to look for an elevation in status with your work through promotions or finding a better-paying job. On the 13th both the Sun and Venus will enter into Capricorn, the 10th house of career and activity. The Sun being the lord of the 5th house of education again indicates that this is a good time for learning and personal development, while Venus the lord of the 2nd and 7th should open up business and job opportunities.

On the 19th the Moon will break a “binding” combination in the sky that should help activate some of the above-mentioned results if they haven’t activated by then.


Taurus has an interesting combination with a bunch of planets in the 8th, including the ascendant lord Venus. The Sun and Mercury in the 8th will “shed light” on hidden problems, and Venus’ presence will tend to indicate that these hidden problems have to do with health and lifestyle. Some sicknesses may arise that have been dormant for some time, especially if they are related to lifestyle such as bad eating or overconsumption of alcohol. The presence of Saturn indicates that these problems have been going on for a long time. Rahu in the 3rd house may cause fighting with friends, co-workers, and cousins. Ketu in the 9th is a very good place for self-reflection and meditation, but can also lead towards drug use and alcoholism if you don’t have healthy ways to handle stress. Jupiter and Mars in the 6th house indicate problems with authorities, and if you are a female (as many Taurus ascendants are) then there will likely be fighting in your relationship.

The health problems should begin to alleviate by the 13th when the Sun and Venus move out of the 8th house and into the much more beneficial 9th house of blessings, help, education, and spiritual growth. The 9th house indicates Guru/teacher/authority, so the transit of the ascendant lord Venus and the Sun into the 9th indicates seeing a professional about the problems experienced while these planets were in the 8th house (through December and the first half of January). On the 16th Mars will enter into its own sign in the 7th house, which should help alleviate any relationship issues you were having, regardless whether it was with a romantic partner or a business partner, and this new energy will give you the energy needed to make changes in your life pursuits and work. On the 19th the Moon will break the “binding combination” that has been active all month, and this will help to alleviate some of the tensions and problems in the chart. The 26th and 27th are good days for new business ventures or a big personal decision, especially the 27th if it concerns work and career.


Geminis have an interesting month ahead. The month begins with a loaded 7th house of relationships, partnerships, and business. Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Saturn are all hanging out here, indicating either a big business conference or deal that will be taking place, or having to work with many people. If your life doesn’t really have an opportunity for that to happen, then it will likely manifest as meeting several new people in January, one of whom you may even get romantically involved with. Jupiter and Mars start the month in the 5th house, which can give a lot of energy towards education and self-work, but for expecting mothers this combination may give birth to a child, though some complications could arise and safety measures should be put in place.  If you are expecting a child this month and you are a Gemini ascendant, send me an email at tdsastrology@gmail.com to talk about some simple things you can do astrologically to encourage the blessings of these planets. When Mars moves into the 6th house towards the end of the month it can give tremendous energy to overcome all obstacles that are holding you back financially and will help with lawsuits and disputes.

On the 13th the Sun and Venus will leave the 7th house and enter the 8th house of secrets, sickness, and troubles. The energy of Mars in the 6th will help you overcome these obstacles, and could also indicate success with a medical operation. Rahu in the 2nd house bodes well for finances and property, but bad for family, which concerns me given the number of planets in the 8th house right now, so check up on your family and make sure everyone is doing ok.

Saturn in the 7th house, which is a rather long-lasting placement through 2018, means that this is not the time to start a new relationship. Saturn blocks the energy of the 7th house of relationships and sends it back towards the ascendant (your self), meaning this is the time for self-growth and development instead of focusing your energy on someone else in a relationship.


Cancer ascendants are experiencing the brunt of the self-work described in the introduction because the principle planet causing the “churning of the depths” and intense self-discovery is in Cancer itself, in the lunar mansion of Ashlesha. This will pull out old traumas (ideally for the sake of healing) and allow for personal development and transformation. Rahu in the ascendant focuses the astrological energies into all concepts of the self; where you live, who you’re with. where you are at in life, and who you are.  Jupiter in the 4th house alongside Mars gives a lot of energy to make changes in your home life and state of mind and also gives energy towards education. A full 6th house at the beginning of the month will create a tension and stress in various areas of life in the form of government/clerical work (Sun and Mercury in 6th) and relationships (Venus in 6th). By the 13th the Sun and Mercury will move from the 6th into the 7th house, causing legal expenses (such as taxes and fees) and possibly some travel as well. Mars in the 5th house later in January is well placed in Scorpio and gives energy for creativity, education, and may open up some new financial opportunities as well.

By the end of the month, the 7th house will have the Sun, Ketu, Mercury, and Venus in it, all having a full aspect on the ascendant Cancer. This energizes the self-work being done, and may also bring some new people into your life who can help you personally or professionally. On the 27th Mercury will enter the 7th house creating a good opportunity for financial growth or signing new business contracts., which is supported by Venus joining it in the 7th.

Ketu in the 7th for most of 2018 supports self-work, spiritual retreat, and a general reclusiveness. The 7th house is the place where we expend our energy, and Ketu cuts this off and sends it back towards our self.  This means that relationships will have difficulties, and you should avoid any new relationships during this time or it will diminish the potential positive outcome of this combination and just cause stress and anxiety instead.


Rahu in the 12th for most of 2018 can open up opportunities in foreign countries, either by directly traveling and working in such countries or by making investments in foreign projects. Ketu in the 8th can cause health issues related to stress and anxiety, to make sure to section out time for yourself each day to relax, as this combination will likewise last until much later in the year. Jupiter in the 3rd house can open up possibilities for writing, leadership. and coaching jobs, and also encourages travel when combined with Rahu in the 12th. The Jupiter/Mars combination in the 3rd adds a lot of power to any such projects, and also encourages spending time with siblings. When Mars moves into its own sign of Scorpio on the 16th, and this opens up a chance for a new house or rent somewhere, and forms a raja (royal) combination that can result in promotions and elevation in status. It may also open up education opportunities for students.

Sagitarrius starts the month with 4 planets in it; Saturn, Mercury, Venus, and the Sun. Saturn is a long-lasting transit that will continue well into the next year and can cause health problems with your children as well as some compromising life choices and wavering principles. This transit tests your character, and if you pass the test then you will benefit tremendously in 2020 until approximately 2027 when Saturn finishes a great transit through Capricorn and Aquarius. But if you compromise your morals then you won’t be able to benefit from the strength and support the later transit will provide. The Sun spends the first half of the month here in Sagitarrius and gives great energy for educational endeavors, personal development, and is a great spot for expectant mothers who will be giving birth during this time. The Sun should give a much-needed refreshment from the trials of Saturn and encourage you towards growth in your life and career. Venus in Sagittarius is well placed for getting a new vehicle, or any job opportunity related to vehicles. Mercury helps facilitate Venus and the Sun in their endeavors to make you some money this month, and any big career decisions made soon are being made under very profitable transits that will boost your pocketbook in the long-run.

On the 13th the Sun and Venus will leave Sagittarius and move into the colder and more difficult Capricorn, a sign that creates obstacles for Leos and result in frustrating delays in work, especially clerical work. The strength of the Jupiter/Mars combo in the 3rd, followed by Mars later moving into Scorpio, should give you the creativity necessary to maneuver these obstacles.


Virgo begins the month with a lot of energy pouring into Sagitarrius in the forms of Saturn, Venus, Mercury, and the Sun. For Virgos, Sagittarius is a sign that influences happiness and contentment in life, as well as your house and home environment, and for Virgos who deal in real-estate, this sign has a direct impact on your business. Saturn’s presence here (a three-year transit that lasts well into 2019) can cause problems with landlords as well as structural issues with your house that may actually cost you some money this month due to all the transits happening. The presence of Venus and Mercury combines with the Sun’s transit is good for those looking to get a new vehicle, and is also good for both personal and business relationships.

Jupiter and Mars are in the sign of Libra at the beginning of the month, and by the end of the month, Mars will leave Libra for its own sign of Scorpio. While it’s in Libra it forms a strong combination with Jupiter that may be quite good for finances while also causing problems with immediate family, especially concerning the health of grandparents.  Once it leaves Libra on the 16th and enters into Scorpio it will be well placed for contracts and travel, but cause problems with extended family or co-workers. All of this is part of the love/hate relationship Mars has with Virgos, often bringing some obstacles in the wake of blessings.

On the 13th both the Sun and Venus will enter into Capricorn. The Sun is weak here and may cause some expenses due to education or children, but Venus gains quite a bit of strength in this placement and is beneficial for finances, like some of the other transits this month for virgos, so long as you jump on the opportunities that the transits bring.  The biggest obstacle to these opportunities is Ketu, whose placement in Capricorn diminishes its strength and weakens your creativity. The energy of the Sun and Venus, combined with aspects from a strong Mars, should give support in the form of potential business partners or co-workers who can help you overcome these obstacles.


The month begins with Jupiter and Mars sitting in Libra. Jupiter is a complex planet for Libra; it is naturally the most auspicious of the astrological planets, but for Libra it can also bring trials and struggles for identity, the end result being that the auspiciousness of Jupiter opens up new doors in life only after it has expanded your ideas of who you are and what you are supposed to do in life. This process can be a little messy! This month Jupiter is joined by Mars, which initiates the energy of Jupiter and forces you to make some important life decisions in regards to family and relationships. For Libras, Mars will often act like a sword that cuts off old things in life to make way for new opportunities, which when combined with Jupiter is definitely how it will act this month.

There are a number of planets in Sagittarius at the beginning of January that may bring new clients or contracts your way, cause some short traveling to see friends and family, and maybe begin learning a new skill for a job.  By the 13th both the Sun and Venus will leave Sagittarius and move into Capricorn, a transit that can have a big influence on where and how you are living, as well as who you are living with. When Mercury joins this combination at the tail end of the month it is a good time to sign a new contract on a place to live or purchase a new vehicle if you have been working towards that end.

On the 16th Mars will enter into Scorpio and gain quite a bit of strength. This may result in spending time with family, especially siblings, and can also open up some doors for financial opportunities and investments in real-estate.


What a strange sign to be this month! Scorpio finds itself nestled between 6 planets! Two behind it in Libra and four planets in front of it in Sagittarius. This forms a number of special combinations called “papakatari yoga” and “subhakatari” yogas. The papakartari yogas are malefic in nature and binding, while the subhakatari yogas are supportive and nourish the chart. It’s a little difficult to interpret exactly how that will all manifest for you this month. The prevalence of 12th house/2nd house planets indicates travel and spending time with family and even new financial opportunities or investments, but the strange “yogas” or combinations happening this month mean there may be some strange impediments and obstacles in the way of these opportunities. This will begin to subside on the 13th when the Sun and Venus leave Sagittarius and ease up the tension there, and then again on the 16th when Mars leaves Libra and enters into Scorpio.

The movement of the Sun and Venus into Capricorn on the 13th can cause travel, as well as expenses and losses due to contracts and business agreements. A co-worker could get fired, or you may end up working with a foreign business partner or assistant. If a job opportunity involving your family suddenly pops up then you should take it.  For those Scorpios who are more spiritually inclined, this is a good time to focus on meditation and personal refinement. Ketu’s placement in Capricorn is a traditional indication of meditation while Rahu in Cancer encourages self-discovery and spiritual practice.

Om the 16th Mars will move into Scorpio and give you a great deal of power to overcome obstacles, initiate new projects, and resolve disputes. Combined with the Sun and Mercury positions this month there is room for promotion and developing new skills. Mars is essentially a planet of power and energy, so you need to be careful where you aim it. Luckily, it will naturally flow towards the areas of the chart that are already active and give support there. Its aspects on the fourth house can indicate an improvement or renovation in your house, as well as success with real-estate ventures, while its aspect on the 8th house gives you plenty of energy to change your diet and fitness.


Saturn, Venus, Mercury and the Sun are all placed in Sagittarius at the beginning of the month, with Venus and the Sun leaving into Capricorn on the 13th. Saturn has been here for a long time, and will continue to be into 2019. It is a slow, cold planet that can feel like an elephant sitting on you when it’s in your ascendant.  It may force you to live with your parents again, or with a sibling, and it generally just makes it hard to feel like definite forward progress is being made. Now with all the extra planets in Sagittarius this month you will have more energy at your disposal than you’ve had for a while. Venus can present some new financial situations as long as you’re willing to do some serious work, and this job may be for your father or a father-figure, but could also be a government job that involves driving or delivery (such as postman). Mercury will help you with paperwork, taxes, and job applications, and could bring a new business partner your way.

Jupiter has been joined in Libra by Mars, a combination called “Guru Mangala Yoga” that gives a great deal of energy and power for creativity and new endeavors. Libra is a sign that deals directly with finances and income for you, so make good use of this combination to improve your finances, as there is actually a lot of financial opportunity in your chart this month and next month as well, and with Jupiter in Libra it may continue to be a blessing to finances for the next few months.

A concern of mine is the placement of the placement of the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu. Rahu is in the sign of Cancer and can cause health issues for Sagittarius, while Ketu in the sign of Capricorn will weaken the digestive fire and make you prone to digestive problems.  Jupiter may give relief to this in the form of some professional guidance and treatment if you are having some of these health problems, problems which can be exaggerated by Saturn in the ascendant.

On the 16th Mars will move into Scorpio and could open up travel opportunities or investments in land and real-estate, especially if by the water. By the end of the month Sagittarius will have cleared out and the planets that began the month in it will move into Capricorn, a sign related to family, finances, and support/sustenance for Sagittarius ascendants. Since both the Sun and Venus have financial qualities in your chart, their entrance into Capricorn on the 13th should bode well for finances in the ensuing month.


Capricorns, like their opposite sign of Cancer, are receiving the most impact from the transits of the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu. While Cancer ascendants have to deal with the more chaotic and wild Rahu, Capricorns are being impacted more by the introverted, depressed, more reclusive energies of Ketu. This planet isn’t always bad, and in fact, it has some serious effects on one’s spiritual path because it weakens your sense of “self”, but for many people without a belief-system or purpose to provide stability, Ketu can cause some serious anxiety, depression, and reclusion from others. The negative traits of this planet will be diminished greatly once Venus and the Sun move into Capricorn to add some light and energy to this pretty gloomy situation. Rahu’s placement in Cancer may cause a quick, chaotic relationship to come out of nowhere, and this won’t do you any good. Try to stay active and busy with work, and spend time alone with yourself in a healthy and constructive manner such as learning new skills, reading, or meditation. One of my main concerns about Ketu in the ascendant like this is actually about health since the ascendant (Capricorn) represents the body and Ketu is a weakening planet, so make sure to eat well and treat your body well and with respect!

The month begins with a loaded Sagittarius, which is good and bad. For Capricorns, Sagittarius is a sign that deals with investments and international travel when at its best, and with loss and debt when at its worse. There is a mix of both of these elements in January. The long-term placement of Saturn in Sagittarius may have caused some debts or lead you to live abroad for a while. The problem is that Saturn is not well placed here overall, so such travels can put you in difficult positions with your family and/or your bank. Venus’ transit through here in December and the first half of January can result in losing a job or having a setback at work, but don’t worry, come the 13th it will move into your ascendant Capricorn and begin to activate some really great energies for career and education. This will combine very well with Jupiter and Mars in Libra, a placement that gives you a lot of creative energy and impetus for new career paths and big projects.

On the 16th, Mars will gain a good bit of strength by moving into its own sign of Scorpio, a sign associated with finances for Capricorn ascendants. Mars is a rather quick and fiery planet, so a new financial opportunity may quickly arise out of nowhere and it’s up to you to grab it before it’s gone! By the end of the month, Capricorn will have three planets in it; the Sun, Venus, and Mercury, effectively working to break a sarpa yoga (restricting combination) that has been active in your natal chart for months. This will free up a lot of energy in your chart for some of these transits mentioned above to really kick in and open some new opportunities for you, and the ensuing months should treat you quite well as a result.


A classic planetary combination for reflection, meditation, and spiritual retreat is at play right now for Aquarius ascendants. The lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu are situated in Cancer and Capricorn, a placement which when used properly can really open up your consciousness and expand horizons. Combine this with the presence of Jupiter and Mars in Libra and you’ve got a great opportunity to grow and develop that will really last for a few more months! However, if you’re not at that place in your life journey yet then this combination results in lots of work. Rahu in the 6th house (Cancer for you) can work you to exhaustion, and in this case, the presence of Jupiter and Mars in Libra still gives blessings but in the form of financial rewards and promotions for your hard work (at least it pays off!).

There are four planets in Sagittarius at the beginning of the month, and this is a sign that deals with finances and income for Aquarius. This is the ideal time to work on setting up multiple streams of income, and a new business partner or even someone you are in a personal relationship with may end up helping you with this. Venus and the Sun both bring plenty of financial blessings, Venus likely in the form of artwork or medicine, while the Sun helps to connect you with important people for work. Take advantage of all of the energy in this sign, working hard now so that you can relax in a few months. Both the Sun and Venus will then move into Capricorn on the 13th, where they take on a very different energy. Both planets are likely to change your personal relationships and the end of January will likely be more difficult than its beginning. Take heart that these more difficult combinations will be short-lived, and little more than a month later you will be in a better spot. Sun and Moon are just letting some old things go so that new things can come into your life.


The keyword of the year for Pisces is “health”. Your ascendant lord Jupiter is transiting Libra, a sign that can cause quite a few health problems, and when Jupiter gets involved in these problems it leads to blood sugar problems, pancreas issues, other diabetic or pre-diabetic problems. Controlling your diet and sugar intake will help a great deal with this. It’s hard to tell what effect Mars’ transit through Libra (thus joining Jupiter) will really have. Mars can bring quite a bit of blessing to Pisces, but it is also a weapon that often makes issues flare up so that it can remove them (surgeries, for example). Hopefully the more positive sides of Mars will come out in its combination with Jupiter and give you the energy that this combination is famous for, an energy to make changes and start new things (in this case related to health).

The lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu can cause problems with finances for quite a while, but on the other hand, it is a good combination for study and education. Ketu in Aquarius may take energy away from possible financial opportunities, but it redirects that energy into Cancer, a sign that has the qualities of education, creativity, and self-growth for Pisces ascendants. This being aspected by Jupiter, a planet traditionally associated with education and discipleship, makes 2018 a good year for educational endeavors.

For 2017, and 2018, and some of 2019, Saturn has been and will be in Sagittarius, an important sign for career and work. This placement can make it quite difficult to find work, and further supports the opportunity mentioned above for education. In January however, there is a change of pace in Sagittarius. The beginning of the month has the Sun, Mercury, and Venus all joining Saturn in Sagittarius to add quite a bit of energy to this part of your chart, so if you’re a student looking for a side-job then this is the month to send out your applications, and likewise if you aren’t a student but have been having trouble finding a good job. If you already have a job then there may be a chance for a promotion, a rare phenomenon when Saturn is in the 10th house (Sagittarius for you). If you’ve recently graduated then you have a good chance of finding a job that pays well.


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