Blood Moon Eclipse

Blood Moon Eclipse

This month we get to see the rather rare event of a super blood moon eclipse. In the ancient world, occurrences such as blood moons and eclipses were viewed as being much more than just a great excuse for a party (as they are now treated). They were viewed by many as being bad luck or ominous, a designation it got more out of superstition than any real investigation, while astrologers and diviners preferred to catalog and investigate these occurrences to better understand their effect on our world. From the perspective of Indian astrology, the Moon is more important than the Sun in most things pertaining to a single person, while the Sun is more concerned with larger social and societal problems. Hence a solar eclipse will have a broader range of effects on a government or culture, while a lunar eclipse may have more personal effects on us. The Moon is the karaka (indicator) of the mind and thus rules all issues of mental health and happiness. Many emergency room nurses can testify to the fact that the hospital is packed on full moons and eclipses, which is due to both bad decisions from the Moon exaggerating the mind’s impulses, and from latent mental problems rising to the surface. Now the Moon is not always equal distances from the Earth, which is one astronomical reason for why the Moon changes sizes in the sky throughout the year. When the Moon is farthest in its orbit it has reached its “apogee”, and when it is nearest the Earth in its orbit it has reached its “perigee”. A supermoon is generally what we call a Full Moon that has reached its perigee. As would be expected, the farther away the Moon is from Earth the more diminished its effects on us are, and likewise the closer it approaches to its perigee the more intense it will be. Hence, an eclipse during a supermoon gains quite a bit of strength. Let’s take a look at it astrologically.

The moon will be in its own zodiac sign of Cancer this month when it goes full and at around 18 degrees into Cancer placing it opposite the Sun in 18 degrees Capricorn. Generally, eclipses are a negative factor in astrology since they “cut off” the blessings of the planet temporarily and interrupt the energy of the zodiac signs they occur in. I am going to give a brief explanation of some of these adverse effects and how they will affect different people. You will need to know your ascending sign, or 1st house, in vedic astrology for this to be accurate.  You can figure this out quickly and easily by using the lagna calculator at .

Before you read about your sign, please keep in mind that whatever bad may come from an eclipse is normally only to make room for something new, especially when the Moon is in such a favorable sign. When it takes its form again after the eclipse it will send fresh lunar energy into Cancer. From the perspective of astrology, the eclipse is bad because it causes a separation of energy from that sign, but good because when it resumes it indicates bringing new things into that sign. Hence in prediction we can indicate a rough period for whatever the sign Cancer indicates for you (given below), but then a good period where that part of your life goes through good changes. The negative effects can be expected to last about a month.

For Aries ascendants this affects your state of mind and isn’t good for the health of the mother.

For Taurus it interferes with business contracts and adversely affects relatives such as cousins, and friends.

For Gemini it can affect immediately family, digestion, and wealth

For Cancer it affects the body, personality, and sense of self.

For Leo it can cause financial losses from investments

For Virgo it can adversely affect older siblings and your income

For Libra it affects career

For Scorpio it affects the father’s health, your status/standing, and education.

For Sagittarius it affects both mental and physical health

For Capricorn it affects relationships and business partners

For Aquarius it affects disputes and legal battles.

For Pisces it affects education, creativity, and children.

Since the Moon is in the lunar mansion of Ashrevana inside Cancer, it indicates something about the above-mentioned areas of your life that is a hidden problem or issue that may now rise to the surface, or a problem that had been lied about and suppressed in the hopes it would just disappear.

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