March 2017 Forecast

//March 2017 Forecast

March 2017 Forecast

To better understand March, we need to look at the last few days of February. On February 26th, the astrological month began with the new moon in Aquarius, in the constellation of Satabhishaka. The Moon will carry the energy of this constellation throughout most of March, until the next New Moon on March 27th. Aquarius is a stubborn constellation that tends to exaggerate our vices, especially intellectual vices such as habits, addictions, criticism, secrecy, and lies. It is important to be brutally honest with yourself this month because the Sun is weak and afflicted in a number of ways, diminishing the light of reason and obscuring our own inner guidance and intuition. The Sun, with what light it does have, is likely to pull to the surface to secrets and lies you have told others, so be honest with others and come clean to your loved ones about anything you have been hiding from them. Satabhishaka is also associated with healing, so it is a good time to go to the doctor if there is a health issue you have been battling with but afraid to seek help for.

**Note for reading horoscopes**The horoscopes will give results primarily on ascendant/rising sign, but can also be read from the Sun sign and Moon sign.


Aries is a strong sign this month due to its lord Mars being positioned there. It is an excellent time for initiating new projects or making any life changes you feel need to be made but which you have been putting off. Decisions involving income should be put off for the first week or so of March until the Sun has gained some more distance from Ketu, a planet that can obscure the Sun’s light and make it difficult to see clearly. If possible, hold off on such choices until the 13th, when the Sun leaves Aquarius completely and enters into the much friendlier sign of Pisces. The whole month is good for investments (note the difference between income decisions and investment decisions), and any investments made should yield good results. My advice would be to wait for Mercury to enter into Pisces on the 10th before signing any contracts, and even better to wait for the Sun to enter Pisces on the 13th. Then we have a series of favorable conditions, all strengthened by Jupiter in Vigo aspecting Pisces fully. Saturn in the 9th house in Mula will be the tone of much of the year, leading you to make important career decisions throughout 2017.

Saturn in the 9th house in Mula will be the tone of much of the year, leading you to make important career decisions throughout 2017. On the 20th, an interesting tension will build in the sky between a number of planets. This happens in the 6th, 9th, and 12th houses, which are all square to each other. I am inclined to interpret this as an excellent time to take advantage of the energies of change and transformation that these houses can provide. The 6th house adds a lot of work and energy to the 9th house, bringing blessing into your life after hard work, while Saturn’s aspect from the 9th should help you make grounded life decisions that seem a little austere at the time, but which pay off in the end. Expect to be moving around a good bit, or doing a lot of clerical work at least, on the 26th and for the next few weeks after, when Mercury passes into Aries.


Some very interesting combinations this month for Taurus! The ascendant lord Venus is very strong in the 11th house of income, growth, and gains. This will be even better off once Mercury enters to join Venus in Pisces on the 10th, which can bring new contracts and financial arrangements your way, pay raises, and promotions at work. This is enhanced by Jupiter giving support from the auspicious 5th house, showing favor with the boss and with employees or underlings. Keep your ear to the ground for new positions opening up at work. If you are working on a big financial deal, it will pay off once Mercury enters into Jupiter, and if not quite then, then it will pay off once the Sun enters Pisces on the 13th or soon thereafter.

Mars is likely to create some interesting relationship situations or depending on your chart, business partnerships. You may strike up a relationship with someone, whether professional or personal, that is very strong but which is obstructed by some kind of distance, such so that they either feel far away or are literally far away and thus a long-distance relationship may ensue. Be careful with this, as the retrograde Venus (for practically the entire month of March) will make it difficult to think clearly about love life and passions. The 10th is likely to be a stressful day concerning work. Avoid your boss as much as possible, or do something extra to be on her/his good side that day. The 26th will see Mercury entering into the 12th house to join Mars, which is a great time for any serious travel you have been planning.


The kendras, or cardinal houses, are packed this month, creating an interesting tension in the chart. These four houses, the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th, are the pillars of the natal chart. The transits this month are great for educational endeavors and professional work. Vocational work that requires a specific education followed by a niche job is very good during this time. The Sun and Venus in the 10th house after the 13th of March is very good for job promotions or getting hired. If you are in school, then this is a good time to try to begin an internship somewhere to secure a good job for the future. If you are looking for a promotion or new position at work then you should put in the effort for it now. Before the 13th, your job situation may be uncomfortable or tense.

Saturn in the 7th house can cause relationship strain, as it is likely to do on and off for the next few years, and it brings with it a bunch of work. Saturn is a planet of HARD WORK! So be ready to do some serious lifting to accomplish your personal goals. A very strong Mars in the 11th house is good for new income ideas and creating multiple sources of income, or for making a profit from martial activities such as metal work, martial arts, military, etc.


Exalted Venus resides in the 9th house of belief, philosophy, blessings, and spiritual practice, like goddess Lakshmi herself. Your living situation can improve, as can finances, and there is much happiness from your home and love life. A strong Mars in the 11th means there is a lot of work to do, but you will have all of the energy you need to accomplish it. Ketu and the Sun together in Aquarius is a stressful combination afflicting health, or your father’s health, but by the 13th the Sun will move into Pisces and join Venus in giving blessings to your life. Saturn in the 6th house will give plenty of work to be accomplished, spiritually and/or materially.

Some travel may be intimated by Mercury’s entrance into the 9th house, a combination which tends to give vacations or a pleasant business trip, generally being of a short duration. Jupiter is retrograde in the 3rd, and while the retrograde motion is not the most desirable situation to have, it can be taken advantage of picking up a pen (or keyboard) and taking care of any writing that needs to be done.  On the 26th, Mercury enters into Aries, making it an ideal time for any business travels or important clerical work that needs to be done for your business.


Leos have had a hard time over the last year due to the aspect of Rahu over the ascendant, a time of intense growth and change. The last few weeks haven’t been much kinder. The Sun has been weak in Aquarius and afflicted by Ketu, which gives health and relationship problems and can cut off prospective business partnerships. On the 13th the Sun will move into Pisces, a friendlier sign for sure, but one which can still draw out some deep seated emotional issues and latent health problems. Saturn’s aspect doesn’t help this much, so be sure to take care of your health by eating well and exercising. My advice would be to avoid any physical activity that seems potentially dangerous for the 13th-20th, while the Sun is receiving a direct aspect from Saturn that could make you prone to injury, resulting in injuries to the feet/ankles. Jupiter’s retrograde should benefit finances, and its aspect on Venus is good for vehicle-related income.

Rau continues its long journey through Leo, having now entered into the constellation called Magha, the symbol of which is a throne. This is the center of power in Leo, and Rahu’s transit is meant to give you the power to reclaim your life and take control of its direction. While this month will make it hard to really utilize this energy, once the Sun enters into Aries in April you should expect things to begin turning your way.


Jupiter’s retrograde back into Virgo this month can lead to expenses on yourself, such as getting a new car, a mortgage, or even just a vacation. It also encourages spending time with family. At the beginning of the month, Mercury is in the 6th house of obstacles, enemies, and work, and this will likely manifest through having to work a lot to complete some projects, or having to travel due to your family. On the 10th, Mercury becomes debilitated as it enters Pisces, and can result in a serious breakdown in communication between business partners or romantic relationships. Saturn in Mula in the 4th house, where it has been for a month or two and will continue to be for some time, leads you to make important decisions about how you derive happiness from life, where you will live, and the people around you. You will find over the course of this next year that many of these things will change for you; you may have to let go of some friends, or even change your residence, to pursue your goals for a successful and happy life. On the 13th the Sun will enter into Pisces, and the ensuing month will be difficult on relationships. Don’t sign any business contracts or make any important deals, since the debilitated Mercury will lend itself to fraud and lack of communication, while the Sun can lead to some serious financial loss. Be frugal and patient, in both finances and relationships. If your significant other is frustrating you, try to be patient through the month and wait for the astrological combinations to end so that you can figure out how you really feel without the planets bombarding you.

Jupiter is going to be activating the energy of chitra constellation in Virgo, and this will have a more pronounced effect on virgos than it will other signs since it is actually happening in Virgo. Chitra is a constellation of planning and preparation, of building and craftsmanship. Use this energy to plan for future work instead fo seriously pursuing things this month, since the planets are a little rough for Virgo in March.


The ascendant lord Venus is very strong all throughout March, but it’s going to make you work! Venus is in the 6th house, a house of hard work and personal growth, passing through the constellation Revati, a constellation that makes us dive deep into our psyche and free ourselves of inner constraints and imprisonments. This is an excellent time to work on your health, as well as working towards completing important business goals. Venus goes retrograde early in the month, so it’s not going to MAKE you do anything. You will have to show self-motive and drive to accomplish what you need to accomplish, but this will get a good boost in the form of a kick in the butt by Mars. Mars is very strong this month as well, and from the 7th house it fully aspects Libra and encourages a lot of drive and initiation in business matters. The movement of Jupiter back into the 12th house can make money spend itself pretty quickly, so be frugal to counteract this.

Mercury in the 5th with the Sun has resulted in a lot of education over the last month, but on the 10th Mercury enters Pisces, and on the 13th the Sun does the same. This means that the educational energy of Mercury will transmute into signing contracts, working out deals, coming to agreements, etc. The Sun can open up some new income for you in the form of a good business agreement or partnership throughout March and into early April. At the end of March, and for most of April, Mercury will be in Aries, and this will likely lead to some travel, but again is also good for business work.


An exalted ascendant lord Mars, being placed in the 6th house, means you will be working a lot, especially if your career or personal goals involve fitness or physical exertion. It is an ideal time to strengthen the body and build physical skill and dexterity. Jupiter’s transit back into Virgo can bring more income more way, though Saturn in the 2nd house ultimately ensures a simpler and more sparse way of life for the next 2-3 years, especially this year while Ketu in the 4th makes the living situation unstable (willingly or unwillingly). Moon transiting over Mars in the 6th at the very beginning of the month can cause an altercation with your mother or can cause a health issue with her, but the nature of the transit is such that any problem will be resolved quickly.

An exalted Venus in the 5th is excellent for anyone trying to have children, especially once the Sun enters Pisces on the 13th. The same transit of the Sun into Pisces is also likely to bring a new job opportunity your way or offer a better position at a current job. If you have employees who work under you, be wary of some communication issues that are likely to develop in March. If there are some inefficiencies in how employees can communicate with you, try to resolve and streamline them before the 10th of March.


Saturn is sitting on Sagittarius for the next 3 years, which is a difficult transit to handle. It can cause frustration due to stagnancy in life, especially in regards to finances, and your immediate family may also find a way to inconvenience you constantly or even cost you a good bit of money. During this time it is wise to work on ideas to generate wealth for yourself through self-employment. Siblings or a close friend could try to move in with you and this will cost you money and time.

Saturn means work. Lots of work, and likely work you don’t really want to be doing. Luckily as a Sagittarius, the next place Saturn goes after its 3-year transit is the second house where it is very strong. This means lots of money! So the work you will be doing during these next 3 years is going to bear fruit afterward in the form of a much more stable wealth with more financial security. An exalted Venus in the 4th is very good for education regarding the medical field or hospitals, and good for income regarding the same. When the Sun moves into Pisces on the 13th this will really kick up and you will find yourself spending a lot of time in education or doing medicine-related work, or for people with a more artistic chart, you may be doing a lot of artwork. It is a good time to buy a house, but a better time to get a new vehicle if you have been needing one.


The ascendant lord Saturn is in the 12th house for the next three years. This can lead to a change of residence if the chart is favorably disposed, even a big move such as moving to a different country, but it is also a difficult combination financially and such a big move should only be made for the sake of your career. Saturn’s transit through the constellation Mula for much of 2017 will trigger a year of introspection, reflexion, and decision making. You will have to come to terms with who you are and what you want out of life and make the appropriate decisions.

Ketu in the 2nd house doesn’t make financial problems any easier, and it can cause some problems with immediate family, especially with the father at the beginning of the month. A strong Mars in the 4th house adds energy to the whole chart and will make it easier to find a new job, or to complete an important project for your work. Venus exalted in the 3rd house and can lead to increase in status and success in artistic pursuits. You can benefit from the advice or company of sisters, or a wife. Some business contracts may come your way that will be advantageous, but make sure any business arrangements are written out very clearly, as the debilitated Mercury in Pisces this month can cause some bad communication or even fraud.


Aquarius is loaded at the beginning of the month with Ketu, the Sun, and Mercury all residing there until the second week of March, at which point Ketu will remain while the Sun and Mercury move on into Pisces. The Sun is not a happy planet in Aquarius, and its conjunction with Ketu is likely to cause a lot of stress, so much that you even become sick. This combined with Mercury makes the nerves sensitive (note that this combination was present the last two weeks of February als0). Things should fare much better come the 10th and the 13th of March when Mercury and the Sun respectively leave Aquarius and enter Pisces. The Sun is likely to bring some unexpected money or a business contract your way, especially in relation to art. A strong Venus in the second house all month long gives plenty of opportunity for making money (or career choices that result in more money), and a strong Mars in the 3rd gives energy to accomplish whatever tasks need to be done. Rahu in the 7th will continue to cause some relationship issues, but it will be less severe after the 13th of March when the Sun leaves Aquarius.


An exalted Venus graces Pisces all month long, which is good for health, artwork, legal work, and any kind of project related to these matters. Mercury enters into Pisces on the 10th, and as it approaches Venus later in the month it could cause legal work or legislation that needs to happen. Any such legal issues will have a positive outcome. It is a great time to work on health, and especially for women, and if there have been any medical issues flaring up then now is a good time to see a doctor, as the outcome of such things will prove to be positive. A strong Mars in the second house is good for buying land, buildings, etc, especially if done while working with family. Rahu in the 6th house encourages hard work but often leads to working too hard, causing stress and other health issues over time. Use the refreshing and benefic energies of Venus this month to relax and rebuild as best you can, at least until the 13th when the Sun enters Pisces and puts you back to work. You can accomplish a lot in your life at this time so long as you are willing to put in the hard work, and don’t consider yourself to be above the basic groundwork that needs to be accomplished. 2017 is an important year for you to decide what your career path will be, especially if you have been unhappy with your current work, but this means you/re going to have to do some hard work.



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