September Forecast

//September Forecast

September Forecast

Sorry for the late forecast this month everyone, and for the lack of one last month!  Been a very busy two months of work and teaching.  Let’s get straight to the forecast.


Jupiter begins the month finishing the last few degrees of the lunar mansion Magha in the zodiac of Leo.  This is an important time to use past events and circumstances, especially those of a negative character, to build yourself up and re-establish yourself on a strong foundation. It is an important time for reclaiming control over your life, and in doing so you should cling to any authority figures in your life whose advice and guidance you respect, especially spiritual teachers or secular leaders (priests, brahmins, etc). You all have excellent opportunities to define yourself and stand up tall.  It is a good time for business or legal decisions involving the government, capitol cities, promotions, job opportunities in the city, and litigation for pretty much every ascendant. Some Virgos may have an experience where they feel they will lose or suffer financially or legally, but int he end all should work out in their favor.

The conjunction of Venus and Mars in Cancer doesn’t bode well for many relationships and may also cause reproductive health issues, which is heightened by the retrograde Venus exaggerating any such conditions. Luckily by the time you ready this the retrograde motion would have ended (it did so yesterday the 6th) and the conjunction between the two planets will become weaker, opening up some room for healing in the relationship. The rest of the time Mars spends in Cancer will actually be an excellent time for healing relationships especially on the man’s side. It is also a good time for medical procedures and surgeries.

Ketu and Rahu continue their slow movement through Pisces and Virgo respectively, an excellent time for relaxing after some hardships and transformations and making new plans for your next course of action. The lunar mansion Ketu is in is all about the “state after death”. Hardships and transformations were brought into life due to past-life karmas over the last few months of Ketu’s transit through the previous nakshatra and now in Uttarabhadra there is a kind of “quiet after the storm” where you should take reprieve and rest as much as possible. It is a great time for spiritual practice, and as the transit of Jupiter passes through Leo you should look to who you were in the past, wave goodbye is need be, and then begin reclaiming the kingdom of your mind and body, taking the throne to your kingdom back after a period of exile. Rahu also supports this, encouraging you to “get up out of bed” so to say and begin working on the next part of your life. The best advice for this period is to relax and gain your strength through a little vacation or spending time with inspiring people, and then begin laying the groundwork for the next phase of your life while avoiding any people who remind you of the hardships you have just passed through.

Saturn in the sign of Scorpio has just passed into the sub-sign of Leo. There is a stalemate in politics, though the political situation is quite charged with Sun and Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in the sub-sign of Leo. This is a good time for developing disciplined routines and following them like you’re in the military. Be strict with yourself in order to conquer yourself. The trines of Venus and Mars indicate that the spouse or lover may also be a support or even the cause of such discipline in your life, which regardless of how troublesome it may be….you need!

Some quick words about ascendants:

Aries: 13th or 14th may bring fighting or troubles with others, and family (especially distant such as cousins) may cause troubles. Not a good day for takings tests or doing any serious educational work. Spiritual practice is available from Ketu in the 12th, and Saturn in the 8th may trouble health.

Taurus: Spend time with brothers or sisters.  Good time to buy a house or sign a rental agreement. Remarks similar to Aries for 13th and 14th, though more focused on education.

Gemini: Watch your diet and avoid eating too much for pleasure, also control and pace yourself in your love life and with intimate actions. Avoid temptations of this sort. The whole year may prove troublesome for careers and holding a regular job.

Cancer: Relationships are very important, but men should make sure the emphasis is on the woman and women should not be so hard on the man. Finances should improve through most of the year, and you may find some unexpected support from a father, father-figure or even the government. Possible stress with siblings, but excellent time for spiritual discipline.

Leo: Loss of loved ones due to separation or divorce is likely if the natal chart is weak in those areas or if you are in a bad dasha. Work on new beginnings and finding yourself a nice place to reclaim yourself.

Virgo: Lots of karmic lessons coming through, past-life lovers and stress/drama associated with them will come back into your life sometime this year, or past-life issues with a current lover may come to the surface (this has likely begun a few months ago). Possible troubles with litigation and law.

Libra: Frustrations and irritations with family members especially cousins or distant relatives who live far away or are making you travel, but income should be good for some time. Lots of work on the self, especially the mind, should be done. A good time for spiritual practice.

Scorpio: Discipline and hard work, especially for your future and career, is indicated. Lots of good combinations for love life, spiritual path and career.

Sagittarius: Feeling stuck, dealing with loss, and possibly some health issues related to such emotional dramas. Give it a few months and things will start to clear up. Cling to the spiritual path or to spiritual/secular teachers for guidance and all will be well. A job opportunity may open up related to sells or trade.

Capricorn: New relationships are possible, or a new start to an older relationship. Some problems or distance between you and people you normally respect. A good time to focus on health and living a healthy lifestyle. Also a good time for studying philosophy and spiritual sciences such as astrology or palmistry.

Aquarius: Lots of life lessons related to family and health. Learn to take good care of yourself, and health issues should begin to improve in a month. Relationship fights are likely and can be avoided by taking the high road and being passive, using love instead of anger.

Pisces: Your sense of self will go through changes and transformations this whole year, but for now try to take a little vacation and relax. Times may be hard but they will improve and you will come out better. There is a purification of your karmas taking place, and you should be humble and thank the universe for any hard lessons it is teaching you right now.

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