Astrology Workshop lvl.3

//Astrology Workshop lvl.3

Astrology Workshop lvl.3

Enrollment is now open for the 3rd level of my astrology workshop series!  It is only available for those who have taken the first two levels due to the advanced nature of the course.  In this workshop we will be going over the following topics:

-Argala (support and obstruction)

-Zodiacal Dashas


-Ashtakavarga (scoring transits)

-Reading from Moon, Sun and Lagna

-Advanced teachings on Vimsottari Dasha


-Astrological Remedial Theory

-Putting everything together from all three workshops into reading the chart

We will be holding the workshop outside of TDS due to website work and all participants will be emailed the details before class starts.  Enrollment opens now and closes the day class begins, Friday August the 28th.  For enrollment you MUST include a note with your paypal payment that has your name and email if your paypal name and email are not the ones you use, or if you don’t use an email to pay.  I have no way of getting in contact with you if you don’t provide me an email.  You can always just send me an email at if you are having trouble leaving a note with paypal.  Thank you!



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