June 2015 Transits

//June 2015 Transits

June 2015 Transits

We start June with a lot of raja yogas in the sky, and thus likewise a lot of power.  Mercury will still be in retrograde until the night of the 11th, so this is NOT the time to make any big life decisions.  Don’t get the car, don’t buy the stock, don’t ask her to marry you.  Just wait until after the 11th or else chances are high you’re going to regret your decision, especially if you are a Mercury ascendant (Gemini or Virgo).  Mercury is in retrograde motion in the nakshatra of Rohini so it is going to try to foil your plans, but for the sake of trying to get your attention on to more important spiritual matters.  Rohini is deeply involved with metaphysics and spiritual development, so spend some time reviewing old knowledge, things your teachers taught or great spiritual books you read that you haven’t picked up in years and refresh you memory, as you will likely get something new from it that eluded you before.


Mars and the Sun begin the month a few degrees away from each other in parallel aspect and will move closer and closer to a true conjunction, which will actually be a combust planetary aspect that Mars will suffer from on June 13th.  Finish any big projects now, especially if they involve siblings or your father, before the combustion occurs in the 13th, and just to be safe try to finish by the 11th or 12th.  Jupiter aspects this combustion by sign sight and almost to the degree by a sextile aspect, so if you need to be working on these days to finish some kind of project at least bring in an expert or someone else you consider knowledgeable in the field to help you because left to your own devices you will probably have a big and possibly expensive mistake (Mars is lord of Moon on this day, indicating self, and combustion occurs in 2nd house from moon effecting financial stability).  If you are a Taurus ascendant then avoid fire and probably just try to play it safe for a few days while the combustion ends.  Libra and Sagittarius ascendants should beware of possible physical injury.


Jupiter and Venus occupying Cancer is a good time to get that car or boat you’ve been thinking about (after mercury stops retrograde!) and can confer luxuries and success.  People who work in Venus-like fields such as the arts and fashion should expect some promotions or rise in office/pay as Venus gets closer to Jupiter, and this applies to politicians as well.  On the other hand Jupiter is not a fan of Venus and its power will be diminished from its enemy moving in on it, thus workers in technological fields, educators, and people in the priesthood will likely suffer from this combination.  People in public office or priesthood should especially guard against temptation from the passions, as Jupiter inflates the passion of Venus as does the aspect via sign-sight from Mars, and without the self control of Ketu to keep the passions at bay and a retrograde Saturn depriving us of needed self-control, some scandals may arise due to licentiousness.  Capricorn ascendants should definitely be on guard, especially men, against any temptations from the opposite sex that would make them unfaithful.  Aries and Virgo ascendants should likewise be on guard against any possible problems of the same nature.  It would be interesting to keep an eye on any headlines June 5th and 6th while Moon transits Capricorn as it will activate this combination in many charts and especially be prone to bad decisions while Mercury is still in retrograde.  The above mentions of vehicles and boats also applies to this.

On June 14th the Moon will jump into the pool of planets in Taurus to activate the combustion for everyone of Mars and the Sun, so just be careful on this and the few days afterwards.  Hopefully the cooling effect of the Moon combined with the beneficial sign sight of both Venus and Jupiter will save most people from any serious problem, and if there is a fire of some sort then it looks like the firefighters will arrive in time to save the day.  On a larger international scale it is possible some talk of war or conflict will build up, but it looks like many people (Mercury is litigators and representatives, Jupiter is peacekeeper and Venus is politicians) will convene to prevent catastrophe.  This is, at least, if we are to have trust in Jaimini’s sign-sight for transits.  If Mars is the lord of your 6th, 8th or 12th house then definitely play it safe and maybe take a few days off work if you do any kind of physical labor.  Also keep in touch with your father and make sure he is doing ok.

By the 20th the Sun and Mars will be conjunct but not seriously combust or at war with one another, and so any difficulties caused by the combustion should start to reside, especially as moon moves in to its own sign to activate the exalted Jupiter and help relieve any issues.  Learned people, grandparents, and peacekeepers come to the aid.  If you did not make it out of the combustion unscathed then expect some problems for the next month while the Sun (indicator of health and father) is caught between Rahu and Ketu after the combustion, which will last until roughly the last week or two of July.


In the last few days of the month we will see the Sun slowly gain some distance from Mars to a healthier 4 and 5 degrees away, while Venus and Jupiter will enter into a true conjunction and activate both the good and bad sides of this, though now that Mercury will no longer be retrograde I would expect it to be more positive and result in the gains mentioned previously.


It is impossible to declare with any serious accuracy a prediction without the ascendant of a person, so I have tried to stay to general predictions.  If by the end of the month you have experienced some of the results in this post I would be interested in hearing your experiences, which can be sent to me at tdsastrology@gmail.com.




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  1. James May 31, 2015 at 6:20 pm

    Very helpful, thank you!

  2. Liban Duale June 3, 2015 at 6:54 pm

    why this was a really informative article. i wanna get my reading done now more then ever to keep up with these monthly updates.

  3. Andrea June 27, 2015 at 8:01 pm

    Veos I read your post about fires and that weekend of the 20th there was a fire in my building, and 3 different incidences of terrible car fires randomly in my city. I am a Taurus ascendant and had some issues and dodged some fires!

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